1st & 3rd Mondays
Dinner/Fellowship 6PM-7PM
Meeting 7PM
2128 Church St.
Galveston, Texas

Making Good Men Better Since Time Immemorial!

Our History

Harmony Lodge No. 6 is one of Texas' oldest Masonic Lodges. The histories of Texas and Galveston Island can not be told without the history of our Lodge.

Our Officers

Our Masonic Lodge Officers dedicate countless hours and personal time to execute the necessary functions of the lodge's life and work.

Lodge Photos

Harmony Lodge meets in the famed Egyptian Room of the Galveston Scottish Rite Cathedral, considered by many the most beautiful lodge room in Texas.


Stated meetings are held on the the first and third Mondays of each month. Check our calendar for all events and actvities we are hosting.

Who are the Masons?

What We Do? How To Become One?

The Masons – also called “Freemasons” – are one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the world, with a written history that dates back to early eighteenth-century London and which presupposes an underlying existence stretching even further back into time.


Our own Harmony Lodge #6 is the oldest fraternal lodge in Galveston, Texas dating back to 1840. The histories of Galveston and Texas are intrinsically tied to the Freemasons of our island city. You can read more about this rich and fascinating history here.


Freemasons arose from guilds of actual stonemasons – the craftsmen who labored during the Middle Ages, sometimes for their entire lifetimes, to construct the great cathedrals of Europe. Over many decades, groups of these artisans, called “lodges,” evolved such that their members were no longer builders in the physical, but rather in the spiritual, sense – men united by the bond of the common belief that by endeavoring to make themselves better human beings they would accomplish the same in their fellow lodge members, their communities, and the world.


Toward this end Harmony Lodge #6 is deeply involved with a number of charitable efforts both on the local and national level. Please see our Charity and Volunteering page for an introduction to some of the philanthropy we take part in.


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